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Conversation Between WolfpackAlpha and shayan

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  1. Hey there i made a thread about this but im so worried i'll pm my problem to you as well.

    Im on day 6 of my cycle

    Test e 500mg/w

    Deca 300mg/w

    Dbol 40mg/ED

    Nolvadex 20mg/ED & Provion 50mg/ED

    Didnt have access to AI (Up untill today)..

    So here is the story i started my cycle 2 days ago i started to feel my nipples sore, i just upped my nolva to 40mg ED but that didnt do the job apperently. I have sore nipples, they look pointy and soft. When i press the nipple i cant tell if there is a lump under there or not (can't tell the difference if im touching the muscle under the pec or there is an actual lump) but i definitely know something is not ok.

    So my question is this: What should i do? I will get adex today and i was thinking of taking it 1mg for 2 days along with 40mg nolva and 50mg provion and after that just go with 0.5mg eod & 20mg nolva with 50mg provion.

    I also take about 300mg b6

    800iu Vit E

    And 75mg Zinc

    And the deca hasn't kicked in so i know its not due to prolactin.

    Give me feedback bro.

    Ps should i drop the dbol completely? Or give arimidex a fighting chance to fix the problem?
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