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Conversation Between nefertiti and nimbus

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  1. We will just have to agree to disagree....I saw him hand out a lot more than he got back, and in that thread I didn't see anything all that bad. He refused to go channels that would have fixed the issue easily and then got upset when people who could not fix it made jokes. None of the mods can fix the issues he had, only an admin can, and he didn't contact an admin in spite of having contact info (a phone number even).
  2. pudd took more shit on the boards than anyone. too suggest he can't take it is ridiculous; just think about how much embarrassing things he shared about himself and how often it got brought up. i don't think there was even anything behind the scenes. but asking for your account back and getting mocked by mods is a bit much imo. maybe leaving the boards was a little over-dramatic, but when you are called a baby for it it makes it hard to come back
  3. like I said, all I've got to go on is what's public. Sounds like all he had to do to make that happen is contact the right people, make a call. Yeah, he took some shit. But he gives it out in droves. There might be more behind the scenes, but I don't see it right off.
  4. i don't think giving a lifetime plat member his account back within a week is "coddling"
  5. I do, but I don't make a habit of coddling people having a bitch fit. If he left because of what was going on publicly, that's just completely retarded and I'm not validating that behavior. If there's something else going on then he knows my comments don't apply.
  6. wtf?
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