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Conversation Between dylangemelli and Tux

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  1. its an estimate bro... why aren't you just sending me pm's? I can't give out any more info on it then i did... it will only be on n2bm... that's all the info i can give for now...
  2. Well, you did say first quarter 2014, so sometime in the next 3 months or so. Any idea if it will be on N2BM or MrSupps, and what the price will be like? Sorry I'm just a bit excited, I loved D-spark!
  3. no idea right now
  4. Any idea when the new D-spark is gonna be available? And will there be any discounts or logs done?
  5. Just thought I'd pm you my email addy, [email protected] to get on the n2bm mailing list for updates and coupons... also if there's a mrsupps list for updates and coupons can I get on that as well? I'm always up for stocking up when there's a coupon or deal on my favorite goodies! Ordered some goodies from SARMS1 like you recommended and they'll be here soon, looking forward to seeing the difference btw them and the old uniquemicals stuff!
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