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Conversation Between dylangemelli and sagikalev

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  1. Hey Dylan, I appreciate all of the great info and how you take the time to help everyone with their SARMS questions. I have never done roids and have only done 2 PH cycles (halotest, primabol). I posted a question in the forum but didn't know how to tag you so I figured I'd message you. Thanks for reading!

    I am going to do a SARMS cycle (already got the stuff from sarms1 and N2BM), but this IS my cycle (not as a bridge or lead in to an AAS cycle). Can I get your feedback / advice.

    Stats = 6'4", 220, 8%bf. I have lifted 6 days a weeks for over 4 years. Pretty strong and look really good already. Just want to take it up a notch. And being 40 years old, it's not as easy as it used to be LOL!

    8 week cycle
    LGD start at 8mg per day and work up to 12mg per day if needed
    S-4 25mg AM and PM (50mg per day), 5 days on/2 days off
    GW 10mg AM and PM (20mg per day)
    HCGenerate 5 tabs/day

    9-12 (post cycle)
    Forged PCT 2 tabs AM and PM (4 tabs per day)
    Forma Stanzol 5 pumps AM and PM (10 pumps per day)
    D. Asp. Acid 3g per day

    I also make my own PWO that has DMAA, Agmatine, B Alanine, and Creatine.

    See any problems with this setup? Thanks again for all the time you put into helping us out!!
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