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Conversation Between Essie and zedhed

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  1. Ah some of lifes ups and downs, but no worse for the wear I reckon bro.
    Glad to see you back tho!
  2. HEY BRO! Yeap ... it HAS been a while ... almost a year, since I was last on the forum ... but now I'm back! HA! How have you been keeping?
  3. LOL!!! Don't worry Bro, the msg will defo turn up ... I'm just trying to battle my way through a personal financial crisis and solicitors and lawyers etc. As soon as the finances are looking a bit to the up-side I am defo going to require your assistance! It always help to know that one has a Bro willing to step up and assist when needed ... wish I lived in the US so we could organise a get together, I would've loved to meet you in person.
  4. Yeah bro, thanks for askin.
    Hey Im kinda surprized that I didnt get a pm from you talking about NTBM products......
    You know, like hey bro could you help a South African bro out??????
  5. Hey Good Bro ... what's up ... everything still good?
  6. Very welcome good bro. Hope the very best for you and youres always.
  7. Ah man! Really appreciate the nice words ... honestly, thanks Bro! Nice to know that by me just doing what I do I am able to inspire someone who is a fair number of thousands of miles away!
  8. Missing you bro.
    Go here and read #33. Remind you of someone?

  9. Hey hows it going brother?
  10. Had a fling with a lil hottie from Kenya. Such a sweet lil thing she was too. We met up in the UK-London. Gr8 time. Gr8 memory....
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