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Conversation Between brownbrown and stevesmi

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  1. looking at the phins game this weekend, looking to bet big if the spread is right..
  2. Not a problem. he might turn off the gun shy since he just got cleaned out.
  3. if hoss doesn't put up a decent spread and max bet on the phins game see if you can do it.. he is always gun shy cause he thinks I am gonna take his karma away. but over time he should win more karma off me taking 10% juice per bet .. the house always wins!!
  4. put up a handful of AFC road games.. gonna put up the rest either later today or tomorow.. forgot how much work it was.. don't forget there is a NFC road game tomorow which is yours.
  5. as soon as you settle MNF game and get that out of the way I'm putting them up.. I don't see any injuries that will effect the lines from now until sunday
  6. This week will be a slow work week for me, I'll be leaving the office early the rest of the days this week. games will be going up Tuesday, wednesday. maybe tonight.
  7. yeah and I had a big part in that lol.
  8. Sounds good to me. Hossman busted his ass this week.
  9. hoss is gonna take a week off from booking NFL. so I told him I would chip in half the games for him.. how does I handle AFC road teams and you can handle NFC road games sound? I'm gonna do 25M minimum each game.. if anyone has a request for more I will grant it. cool with you?
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