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Conversation Between hanselthecaretaker and musclemom

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  1. I wish you the best, tough situation but after a total of two marriages/28 years in long term committed relationships the one thing I can say for sure is you have to acknowledge what you can and cannot live with Those "little things" that annoy you NOW are going to be the things you fantasize about murdering them over in five years. My ex was a "collector" video games, comic books, trading and game cards, I didn't like it in the beginning, seemed like a horrible waste of space and money to me, but it was his thing (I could take or leave some of the stuff, but I wasn't passionate about it). Over time I began to resent the "toys" and especially the money he was spending (IMO wasted) on them. We got into one fight and he made the mistake of saying he'd rather spend $50 on a new video game than a meal he'll only eat one time. My take away from that was his video games were more important to him than going on a "date" with me. That's when I really started hating his "collection". After seven years of marriage we got into a fight one time and I threw his Nintendo out the front door (damned thing bounced and kept working, they built the old ones to last).
  2. Thanks for your helpful K advice. I've always loved your avi too.
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