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Conversation Between nangiggles and musclemom

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  1. Have a great end of year and 2013 as well
  2. *shrug* some days are better than others, so yeah. Between my messed up shoulders and a shit job - which I've quit - (and other things) it's just been a less than stellar 18 or so months. I try to keep a good attitude but sometimes I go into WTF mod and crawl back in bed ... all day.
  3. if you're back I guess you feel a wee bit better, that's good
  4. Unhappy incidents with animals and children also have to do with intent. His actions were intentionally cruel ... actually, he's still mean to cats. That's why my stepdaughter's mother needed her to leave the house. The BF was being mean to a cat and and the kid swore at him and he punched a wall instead of her.
  5. I'm confused, he got it tested but they never gave you the results? Did he confront whoever did the blood draw and say "I want a copy of my hormone panel"?

    I mean, my husband's doctor doesn't give him copies of blood tests if you don't request them, and we pay for our insurance. My husband's fam. doc wouldn't have prescribed hormones based on his results, I looked at the results and sent my husband to another doctor who treats andropause. As best as I can tell, GPs are trained that if something is "within the range of normal" then it's good. That is not the case with hormones. For example, in my husband's labs, the "normal" range for serum test. is 241 - 827. When my husband's levels were tested, he was in around 275, maybe low 300s (I think). Perfectly "normal" in a GPs mind. A man whose test is in the bottom third of the range feels like hell.
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