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Conversation Between the_alcatraz and dabuffguy

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  1. what's goin on bro?
    i'm feelin a little down, got some personal issues that are not permitting me to hit the gym like i used to atm
  2. Hey bro! How's it going?
  3. sup dabuff?
  4. lol...noice!
  5. buff buff da buff!
  6. yeh, its the deads that fucked me up
  7. Oh yeah. Some days I can barely walk. Doing deadlifts really screws with it. I have to be really careful when I do those.
  8. still hurts huh? that sucks.
  9. Yeah, I heard that. It totally blows. I blew out my L4-L5 disc back in high school. It's been crap ever since. I have learned to live with it, even though it hurts like a biotch sometimes.
  10. lol damn sorry bro...did you hear what happened to my back? i'm a cripple
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