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Conversation Between Dial_tone and *ebony*

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  1. Cause There is slim to no chance that ill put my naked anything( except the bareness from bikini) on the web and that's pretty much why. I'm not as adventurous
  2. Why have I never seen your bare butt? why? Why? WHY?
  3. lol, I didn't realize it was. It should be good to go now
  4. How can your PM inbox be full when we never PM. Surely you've been saving some room in there for my PMs? I am teh sad.
  5. hope thing are cool. havent seen you around for a while. anyways just dropping by to say hi!!
  6. hope xmas was great for you. happy holidays sweetheart. hope the coming year turns out many pleasing surprises for you.
  7. thanks! glad you like it.lol
  8. Nice onion ya got there, sista gurl.
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