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Conversation Between Scotsman and jaybois

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  1. Yeah man, still kicking. How are you?
  2. You still alive?
  3. Not much, yeah I'm around right now, would definitely want to grab a beer sometime.
  4. Working hard big man, just working! What's new? You around? lets grab a beer sometime?
  5. What's up brotherman?
  6. Just got back from Canada this past weekend. Went to the gym monday night with my brother and they only way to describe it would be pathetic. Yeah I lived in boulder for a little over 6 years so I am well versed in the good and bad of that place. Let me get everything settled down around here and I'd love to hit up the gym.
  7. Give a shout sometime when your state side and need someone to train with. I'm living out in Boulder now working out at this 24 hour fitness and it's nothing like better bodies that's for sure. The dumbbell's stop at 120! On the flip side there is always a 100+ college ladies running on the 500 treadmills at any given moment...not that I'm looking. Later big fella hope things are good!
  8. Things are rather good for us, took about 6 weeks off from the iron to focus on my new business. Well good luck amigo and be safe out there! I'd never call anyone in your industry trash because without what you guys do we'd still be doing the horse and buggy thing.
  9. Only about 9 days in country. Yeah back to beig oil trash, but at least the money is good. How are things with you.
  10. Nice how long were you down there? I take it your back to your old line of work?
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