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Conversation Between Scotsman and *ebony*

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  1. Hi there stranger!!

    Its been a while since logging back in, thank you for the birthday wishes!

    I hope you are in good health and doing awesome <3
  2. Happy birthday!
  3. Hey sweets!
  4. you remembered again, heaven (or maybe one of those neuroscience pple) knows how you keep remembering these details, but it was so pleasant to log on to that visitor's message.

    3/13/13 looks pretty cool! It was a wonderful day. I think maybe in another five years...or maybe 10, I'll be all grown up and mature. However, there is no guarantee, and as my mother would assure you, age/time does not make one all grown up, "or it would have worked on you fater." lol
  5. Happy Birthday sexy!!!!
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