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Conversation Between bran987 and nimbus

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  1. hey man it's good to see you back! lol @ robotripping he def. went through a lil phase but he's over that for sure. He is slowly but surely learning to embrace the glory that is alcohol but he is a stubborn mofo. HAHAHA inklink!!!! that was my game; you guys played it all wrong though. You don't win by getting the highest score; the objective is to draw picture so offensive that the majority of the room votes to kick you out. He broke up with that girl a long ass time ago; it was def for the better, and now he has time to strengthen his pimp hand. I know he recently quit facebook and possibly ef in an effort to procrastinate less; the best way to reach him is to hit up on AIM. His handle is still sublimezm, and he is on all the time
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