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Conversation Between RottenWillow and musclemom

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  1. Well said Harri. Allopaths unfortunately are not trained to listen well. And unfortunately they often develop Doctor Bighead Syndrome. Our sensitivities to hormones are obviously unique, so like you said the numbers only tell a part of the story.

    ooooh sorry about the computer honey! It's happened to me. I feel your rage hermana. I've long since started copying my longer posts onto the clipboard as I write them in case that happens.
  2. Here's what REALLY sucks. I had a long post composed for the Women's Forum and my STUPID @#$%^&*# POS Fucking computer locked up on me.

    I really need to explore this whole cortisol/menstrual cycle thing. Jesus I'd kill for a doctor that I could talk to and would listen to me and respect my observations, and then could run tests and use me as a guinea pig. I'm EXTREMELY in tune with my body, I know shit ain't working the way it should but I think trying to balance the endocrine system, especially when it comes to women, is more like trying to create delicate glass sculptures while balancing plates on a stick as opposed to making numbers tally on a spreadsheet.

    Hormonal interconnected balance is NOT one size fits all, and requires both empiric and patient observation. It's as much about how you look/feel as what your numbers reflect.
  3. whoooooooooa....so glad to hear from you lady! sounds like there's been real progress on getting you fixed. Really, really missed you.
  4. yep I take it. Not sure of the strength, but I take one cap 3x daily.
  5. I'm sorry, I'm so scattered these days.

    I've taken chorella off and on over the years, thanks for reminding me!

    Hey, I'll pass along a nutritional tidbit to you, are you taking vitamin D3? If not, think about starting, seriously. 1000 mg a day, sun or not. You'll know pretty quick if you don't need it. Virtually everyone in our country is deficient, but particularly those with GI issues -- which relate to immune function -- are almost guaranteed to be deficient.
  6. Source Naturals chlorella is an effective chelator of HM's and it's relatively inexpensive. Take on an empty stomach.
  7. Well, if you're ever thinking of upgrading your bathroom a waterless urinal is about $400 +/-.

    An immediate inexpensive solution is a dual flush retrofit kit, you can add it to virtually ANY toilet for cheap, like $30 or so.

    Then there's always employing the "if it's yellow let it mellow if it's brown flush it down" philosophy as a household rule (although my husband thinks that may be hard on the porcelain, frankly I know our current toilet is older than me so who gives a shit). With that particular method you might want to put TP in the trash ... of course, then that goes into a land fill so there's no winning, is there?
  8. You know it's within your rights to get Alpha-Male permabanned, right?
  9. It used to concern me, because I'm really a soft touch, but I have a very morbid streak.
  10. Mami you and I are some freaky broads. LOL
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