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Conversation Between RottenWillow and shirlene29

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  1. LOLOLOL...you misread it girly...and I mistyped it...I meant to say four of my future ex husbands
  2. oh holy shit...really??
  3. the best evah crash and burn on EF was when my friend Jon hacked the EF servers twice to expose their security weaknesses and Digger banned him. That's been so long now I think I can talk about that in the open.
  4. hmm...I totally didnt see you ask....Id say no more than a cpl hundred a yr even with collision provided you have a clean driving record and credit ( if your state allows it)
    we pay 120 bucks a yr for yr round insurance on the bandit for both of us...no collision
  5. come post on my thread how much a 27yo married female will pay for bike insurance, Shirl. No one I know has any idea.
  6. well thank ya! made me blush
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