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Conversation Between RottenWillow and -SD-

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  1. EXfuckingACTLY. You'd hear that constantly.
  2. Bigger engine than yours but I think it's probably heavier too. I wanna say the wet weight is 450lbs. There's like zero plastic on that bike except for the engine covers, so it's heavier than it looks. Horsepower is about 90 and torque I think about 100 or so. It's perky, but not like truly fast.
  3. Just saw it, very nice. Cant believe its bigger than mine since mines a 650cc. Yours must be pretty fast too.
  4. and you never commented on the pics of my new bike. Didja see it?
  5. Too late, they called me saying it was done already, a day ahead.
  6. Good move though buying the bolts yourself rather than letting the shop do it.
  7. i know who i like on here and who likes me lol ive never utilized the functionality of EF fully
    why dont you make me a friend then
  8. That animation rules. And what's up with only two friends. Damn you're unpopular.
  9. I'll get in that line.
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