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Conversation Between iggy and pdaddyII

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  1. Where are you living now?
  2. not sure yet. . . .

    ill tell you if ill be able to make it then.
  3. Hey, I'll be in the gym around 9am today brah, when are you planning on attending?
  4. hey whats up man.
    if your still on hop in plat chat.

    i was doing homework....
  5. wtf man...I think you might be close to be done using up your nine lives.
  6. bro, you remember how i told you i was going to stay out of trouble at osu this weekend?

    well i got jumped again at gunpoint and the dude took my wallet, phone, flash drive, and one beer in my pocket.

    it was a long story. . . .
  7. you bettin on the cavs in real life tonight?
  8. pdaddy, would like to here you ideas about karma
  9. where you been bro?
  10. this is war
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