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Conversation Between stevesmi and kushkounty

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  1. 2-5IU's a day.. 3 months minimum ..
  2. Also how many iu's a day should I run?
  3. I'm up north right now but right when I get home in a couple days I'm talking to a lawyer right away cuz it's so fucking stupid what he did. I'll hit up mailorderhgh. How long should I run it for? Minimum 6 months right?
  4. you can try hgh.. that is your only hope .. but man, i would sue that doctor and i would find a new one...

    mailorderhgh.com and use stevesmi10 as your code.. good luck
  5. I had a chip in my elbow and he cut through my tricep tendon to pull it out. Which is fucked because he never said he was going to cut through my tendon. I want to be able to crush the gym hard like I used to. I need my tendon to heal. Any suggestions to heal my tendon would be much appreciated. I have had a surgeon and pharmacist and a sport doctor tell me hgh would be my best bet. I am really curious what u and s couple other mods could tell me too. Thanks for getting back to me so fast.
  6. The last thing he said to me is I don't know why your tendon is getting better but you still look pretty big.... I couldn't believe it
  7. did you ask the surgeon about fixing it?
  8. Hey Steve I need some help. Long story short a sergeon cut through my tricep tendon...... I am trying to figure out what will heal my tendon. I was thinking hgh what would be you suggestion. Any help would be much appreciated my elbow is so fucked up.
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