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Conversation Between stevesmi and ledhead

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  1. I don't know about SARMS, but the rest of your cycle looks good, that's all a person needs...a little test and another compound as the base, and then take out the trash. Seriously, imo, when a person takes 3 or more compounds at the same time they turn themselves into a test monkey - I know, I have done it plenty of times. You are doing it right. Alright, it is my curfew, so I got to go...talk to you tomorrow.
  2. cool... look forward to checking that out.

    all I am running for my summer stack is 20mg GW and 500mg a week primo with a light dose of test. that's all.
  3. Lol. @ 800 mgs/wk, a person better be stacked and shredded. The physiques just don't correlate with the dosages. Um, I'm in the middle of compiling all the data for my thread on "esters," they are going to excommunicate me for being a heretic.
  4. People will never understand how tren works...How in the fuck those people can justify using 400-800 mgs/wk is beyond me.
  5. Ahh man! I don't even know where to begin. Basically, it was family/personal issues that just made me spiral downward, and my job is mentally demanding. Hence, training was put on the back burner. All is well now, so I will give it one good last run...
  6. Welcome. I just started training this past week, after taking 7 months off. Man, my days are numbered in this game.
  7. thanks, I am chugging along.
  8. Looking thick, dude...
  9. good deal.. see you there
  10. Thanks for the K. I will sign up on that site sometime this weekend. I'm using your name to sign up with..
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