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Conversation Between stevesmi and Ocfitbrah

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  1. you can run 0 if you want
  2. Hey steve how much test E should I run with my tren ace? do I really need to run 500mg per week with the tren?
  3. you can start it the 2nd half of the cycle.. 2 caps 2X per day
  4. Hey Steve I am running a 12 week tren test cycle (week 1-8 is test and tren rest is test/masteron). Around what week do you recommend me starting the HCGenerate and at what dosage? I have the clomid and hcg also in hand for my pct per your advice on the pct link.
  5. your cycle layout is fine.. your pct you should check out my best pct of 2014 and it follow it http://www.elitefitness.com/forum/pc...p-1328483.html
  6. Hey Steve, can you critique my cycle:

    Tren Ace 50mg EOD Week 1-8
    Test P 50mg EOD Week 1-8
    Masteron 75mg EOD Week 6-12
    Test E 500mg/week Week 9-12
    Caber .5mg/week throughout cycle

    QUESTION: When should I start HCGenerate? When should I start HCG (also at what IU?)?

    Will Clomid for PCT be sufficient?
  7. run n2guard as much as possible on.. run hcgenerate last end of cycle atleast
  8. Hey one last message. Sorry to bug brotha. Do you take the n2guard and HCGenerate DURING your cycle. Should I switch from HCGenerate to HCG midway through cycle? If so around when?
  9. yep you can do that.. masteron is a great addition at 400mg a week
  10. Hey just wanted to see your input. I have tren ace (3 bottles at 100mg/ml), test prop (1 bottle at 100mg/ml), 1 bottle of test e, and 2 bottles of masteron. I have done 5 cycles of test e only. How would you approach a cycle with what I have? Can I stack the tren and test prop initially than once I run out of test p go to test E for the remaining period of the cycle. Should I throw in the masteron in the cycle?

    Always appreciative
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