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Conversation Between ceo and Gino.big.unnatural

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  1. The only people I've ever seen saying to stay away from Vermodje are shills for one of the competitors in that area because Vermodje was outselling them. So they had to resort to dirty smear tactics as that source is known to do. This conversation would be better had in Private Message, not public visitor message.
  2. Ok...there are some folks saying to stay away from Vermodje, why? And I found a source that sells all three you're talking about, so I'm concerned that one of them isn't getting high marks. Does alpha pharm sell TBol?
  3. yes brother. Pharmacom and Vermodje are two of the top brands you can get. Alpha-Pharma being number one.
  4. Hi CEO! You have knowledge of Pharmacom products. Will TBol be TBol? And does the apply to Vermodje too?
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