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Conversation Between the_alcatraz and nangiggles

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  1. Hola!
  2. I meant on the zwhit thread talking about my "super tight" dress and pretty much calling me a mememe attention whore, I've only been that mememe to catch YOUR attention mostly despite all the drama and all you know I've always liked you bro, hope you stick around
  3. ur not in there again... fuck it...
  4. i'm in there now
  5. I went in there and you ignored me and I just went back in and you aint there...
  6. get into plat chat
  7. ^_^
  8. I deny everything lol
  9. why meh? sounds a lot better than some months back, do you still miss the ex or are you just sad I never gave you noods?
  10. im good, good job, mrs is good. life is meh tho
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