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Conversation Between the_alcatraz and Scotsman

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  1. Not much what's up with you?
  2. what up beast?
  3. lol...I've pulled and trained with the #1 arm wrestler in the world both right and left arm - beats Travis easily. He's Canadian. His name is Devon Larratt. He just beat Pushkar easily and toys with most pro superheavyweights...he's only 230 lbs and he's the strongest arm wrestler in the world.
  4. LMAO that's pretty funny bro. Yeah Travis was really cool, called me up out of the audience at the Arnold at the MHP booth. When we gripped up he said "let's take this easy I don't want to hurt you and you don't want to hurt me." My response was that I really wasn't worried about the second part.lol
  5. no way! I met Travis Bagent last year at the Mike Gould Classic. Took his seminar. He's a very cool guy. One of the nicest athletes I've ever met. I train with superQt sometimes, she lives closeby. You should come for a visit one day so we can break the damn gym lol
  6. Going pretty well man, how are things with you? Did QT ever tell you that she saw me armwrestle Travis Baget? I did not do well.lol
  7. how's it going big guy? some people miss you on here man
  8. thanks man...I appreciate it
  9. That sucks man. Keep your chin up, rehab hard, and be patient. Best of wishes for your recovery.
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