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Sarms for Saleunclez.rueudomestic

Conversation Between stevesmi and NickyC

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  1. I would simply use cardarine at 20mg a day for 8-12 weeks. that is your best option. no need to buy SR too.
  2. Hey Steve, I was looking into starting a SARMS cycle. Iím looking to lose BF and increase endurance in the gym and running while possibly gaining a slight bit of muscle at the same time. I was going to buy from SARMS1 in August after I come back to the US and what to know as much as possible (plus get your code for the site) what would be a good stack for my goals? Iím roughly 15-17% BF decent muscle size trying to get to 10% before a bulk cycle. I was thinking SR-9009 and GW-501516 would you reccomend anything else. Also buying from SARMS1 since they are in capsul form would I just be taking 1 everyday for 8 weeks or is there like a 5 days on 2 days off or what is best? Trying to fully understand SARMS before my purchase. I appreciate any feedback. Thanks
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