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Conversation Between abomb555 and jacshelb

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  1. rock on bro!
  2. Thanks for the karma! Just to let you know I got your last message, but have been out of town for a bit. All the best man!
  3. yeah being a tall guy has its down sides lol im 5'7 with VERY receptive genetics so i build quick but platau easy...been training only for three years now but made hella progress concidering i wasted 10years of my life on the old crystal...YOU WANNA TALK SERIOUS MUSCLE ATROPHY LOL.....i was only 125lbs till i was 26! then i got cleaned up and started hitting the bottle hard for a year and got FAT and depressed...took one look at m FAT weddin photo and said this is gonna change! now im 30 and thin and weigh 198lb but i wanna shoot for 220
  4. Thanks man. I've been training since 2001. It's been awhile, but I started out super scrawny and don't have the best genetics- 142 lbs at 6'2" was my starting point. Thanks again for the advice. How long have you been training?
  5. thanks for the k hit bro...lookin good how long u been training?
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