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Conversation Between the_alcatraz and nangiggles

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  1. Hey handsome! Doing good, about to get a new job waaaaay beter than my old one ^_^ Might buy my own car soon too, how about you, how did the job hunt go? how's the mrs?
  2. Psst....how's it going?
  3. hey Nan, I heard some shit...msg me when you're on.
  4. not much pissed off in a bad mood today u?
  5. so.... what's up?
  6. Hi handsome ^_^
  7. Hey Nan!
  8. Hope the new missus is treating you right
  9. hey prettiness...I'm good, same shit diff day...we always have fb lol
  10. Hi stranger, hope all is well on your side of the world
    P.S. who asked you to fly to fight? LOL
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