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Conversation Between iggy and musclemom

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  1. doing great MM. my lucks been GREAT for once =)

  2. Typical middle aged life in a rut, nothing to complain about, nothing to brag about.

    How's 'bout you?!
  3. hey =)

    how've you been?
  4. hey! =) how ya been?
  5. lol MM, i'm thinking i might just switch to Tofu and raw fish for protein intake alone for a month just to see the results compared to the usual eggs and chicken i take in. It has to be better for my HDL anyways.
  6. Overeating is bad, m'kay? But Red has a twisted sense of humor and let's face it, Iggs, you're fun to tease

    Eating a 3 lb. sandwich won't kill you. Eating 3 lbs. of ground beef regularly? Well, I confess I'd be interested in seeing what your cholesterol levels are.
  7. Belated Merry Xmas, Iggs
  8. merry christmas mm!
  9. Karma, as in the little green dots or karma as in the effects of a person's actions determining his destiny in his next incarnation?
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