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Conversation Between stevesmi and deaftons

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  1. stop playing with it and leave it alone
  2. he said that puffy nipple is normal, but for me it is not normal
    i havent don any bloodwork yet,

    i desseperate i dont have time theses days maybe on saturday i can go to do bloodwork
    mi nipple is pointing put
    everyday puffier my nipple is thicker, and large when it get cold
  3. so the doc said your nipple was fine, and your bloodwork is fine. so what is your concern?
  4. Last week , i went to the endo, he said my nipple was fine, that i worried for nothing
    .. i told him maybe theres an hormone imbalance in me, and he told me i dont think, but you can checked and he just listed me prolactin and estradiol. Which is 30 dls each one. ... that is what i dont know what a full bloodwork include... i hope you can understand me . My english is not that well i sm asking for help from Peru..
    What a full bloodwork include?? I dont know please answer me
  5. you need to get full bloodwork done. until I see your bloodwork I am not recommending anything for you
  6. I havent done any test, i am having prolactin test this day. I dont have enough money right now for make a full test, what do u suggest me? Because i know theres is prolactin gyno and estrogen gyno. .so if my prolactin is ok, then my problem must be estrogen? So i could go for the nolva? Or what else is neccessary to check in the test?
    Estradiol? Testostetone? Protein? Prolactim? Estrogen? Please help me
  7. what is your puffy nipples from in the first place?

    is it from increases estrogen? if so what is causing it.. did you run bloodwork? you have to find the root problem first if you are gonna fix it
  8. Hi man, as i wrote in my post i have never used esteroids, but i am getting puffy nipples with lumps inside, went to the doctor he said my chest is fine, dont even need test... well fu... that my chest is puffier everyday i am thinking of taking nolvadex. Do you think this may help? I cant find other products because i am from Peru.. please answer me if nolva may help . And i will do right... i am 21 i put some pictures in my post.. help me man i beg u
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