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Conversation Between George Spellwin and sandowmovie

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  1. Allow me to introduce myself- my name is Alexander Cooper from London England and I'm an actor and film producer/entrepreneur and I am running an Indiegogo to raise funds for a film called Sandow which I want to be one of the best films on sports and bodybuilding ever made. Since I was a boy I was a huge fan of the Rocky movies and always wanted to make my own films. Sandow is an interesting and untold story inspired by two real world athletes, Launceston Elliot the first British Olympic Champion and his trainer Eugen Sandow. It's important that the campaign gets funding because Sandow is a passionate tale of struggle in the face of adversity, and of a man’s desires and dreams. Sandow is a fascinating and untold story, of a cultural icon who everyone wanted a piece of,it is an important film which needs backers to bring it to the screen. There are not many films made about sports nowadays but in particular there are not many films about how sports have developed showing the beginnings of professional bodybuilding and Olympic athletes combined with a period setting; the film deals with universal themes- I believe there is a Sandow in everyone who is inspired to work to build something larger than themselves; this I believe is what makes Sandow a most unique project. I hope you like it and will consider sharing and contributing if you feel inclined. On the other hand if movies are not your thing please feel free to ignore! Best wishes all for a Merry Christmas!
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