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Conversation Between amyfetzer and Lancer55

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  1. How did the modeling contest go Amy? And hi.
  2. yea it is I am excited about it too!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I am lookin forward to seeing your lifts skyroket with the new cycle! Is it your first real one? If so the gains Zomg.
  4. Howdy hope you have a great week as well.
    As for N2KTS I will definately give it a try thanks for the reccomendation.
  5. N2KTS, Need to kill that shit by needtobuildmuscle.com is way better than jack3d and seems to last a bit longer too I LOVE IT! give it a shot I think you'll
    Be extremely pleased with the results you get!!!! I had the same issue as you immune to jacks so I recommend this one
  6. Hello hope you have a great week

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