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Conversation Between LetsGrow and EZ_E

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  1. Sounds good brotha! Let me know how it all goes!
  2. OK, I'll let you know...we were supposed to get together on Feb 1st but we haven't spoken for a few weeks
  3. Perhaps your friend could help me out as well, especially in terms of diet. I think I have a good grasp on things, but I would definately welcome advice from someone with as much experience as he does. Let me know.
  4. Funny you say that, I have a friend who's a Masters BBer and judge, he's gonna work with me on a diet too
  5. Thats cool man, I am doing the 90 Transformation contest, but I am going to take these guys on all natural! Really going to see what I can accomplish in 90 days, my friend is a trainer and he is going to help me. Goal is to go from approx 12% bf to about 7%bf and add a bit of muscle in the process...we shall see lol.
  6. Not a lot is new but everything is exciting, my career is going great as well as training.....I've been on here pretty much every day, sometimes I don't always post because these guys get on my nerves with stupid questions after a while but I'm on all the time.....good luck with the home search
  7. Doing good brotha! How about yourself. Me and the wife are looking around at buying houses (reason I am not doing my cycle is because all my money is going into the house and down payment but hopefully later in the year or next I can do the cycle I want). What is new and exciting with you? I haven't seen you around too much lately (to be fair I have been spending more of my time in the supplements section otherwise I just get depressed in the steroid section as I am unable to do anything right now). I still pop in there from time to time for research but thats about it.
  8. What's up kid? How's 2012 going for you?
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