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Conversation Between trex74 and BBR100

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  1. http://www.jayzoo.com/earchive/data/...aple_Leafs.jpg

    who's cmarc? I've been accused of being that person too...
  2. LOL I've seen a bit of that show, it's kind of sad...some people are obsessed with the "perfect day", I've never really been that kind of person, I just want it as low stress as possible, and I want to have fun!!!
    I looked for a bike in a sports store last wkend, but they were too high-end for what i want -a real beater bike. Gonna check out Canadian Tire i think.
  3. see, wedding bands sound fun. have u ever seen the show; Say yes to the Dress?..why people would put themselves through that i'll never know. Pick something you like. It shouldn't have to be traditional wedding.
    Enjoy the beautiful weekend. The bike is a great idea! Mine has been in my living room all winter and needs a tune-up.
  4. noooooooooo....
    but I did go try on wedding bands on saturday...fun stuff.
    I am leaning towards just getting a supernice regular dress rather than a white dress. Maybe like a cream dress, non-bridal. too many choices it's really really hard.
    Ican NOT wait for the weekend, I am going to do spring cleaning this wkend, but the rest of the time I'll be outside enjoying the weather. Maybe I'll go buy a bike.
  5. not only in k, trex. still kinda damp here but 20's by Friday!
    Did you say yes to a dress yet?
  6. I know I'm k rich
  7. you're making me lol a bit though...relax!
  8. I swear,, I have no idea who you are, and you don't know me...wtf brought THAT on?
  9. thanks BBR100
  10. loved your reply to the pizza comparison. Well done!
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