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Conversation Between trex74 and BBR100

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  1. ok a giant cup in Ottawa works for me but i think it should be the cup we know not Lord Stanley with the fruit bowl.
  2. apparently....heck i'd get my photo taken next to it

    City on track to score Stanley Cup ? for keeps
  3. what, a giant stanley cup monument? u serious?
  4. I keep forgetting to hit "view discussion" and post reply on my page.
    I admire your loyalty, T. Pens are tough and Sens injuries aren't helping.
    Keep the faith and good things can happen. Only down 2-1. Enjoy.
  5. I'm still a believer, gotta stand behing the team right
    last night was horrible though, and I thought alfredsson was gonna hurt his shoulder badly again, we really don't need that. Fresh start now, new week!
  6. youuuuuuuuu too! I think I'm going to stay in this weekend, it's yucky out enjoy your weekend
  7. Good luck with the big game tonight and enjoy the w/end!
  8. i don't know how I hit back to back....but you're putting a nose on the smilie when there is no need lololololololol
  9. i answered this on my own page. outa k for a bit but wanted to wish you a good weekend also. Looks like a cocooning weekend with rain and cooler temps. Enjoy!
  10. we talking banana peppers? what kind of peppers...maybe i'll make my own
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