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Conversation Between trex74 and BBR100

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  1. I don't know how you can think straight lololol
    hang in there!!!
    It's gonna be a crazy crazy game I think.
  2. out of k, will hit you later
  3. thanks for all the k!!! goooooooooooooooooooo Habs!!!!
  4. thanks T. they hung on again. Too bad I missed betting on the weekend and today. I should be back tomorrow.
    Have a great week. Go habs Go!
  5. congrats on the win!!
    i only caught the last period though.
  6. i was at a friend's who lives just off the western part of the island. a couple of his neighbours came over with their flags and wanted us to come out with them. There were lots of flags and honking. Happy it was all fun and no looting or rioting. That's embarassing. It's only one round but habs fans are hungry and everyone's jumping on the bandwagon now.
  7. definitely, i missed most of the second though ( stupid housework)...yeah the last couple minutes were really tense!!
    when they won i was thinking how happy you must be- did you take to the streets, i heard on the news this morning some ppl did.
  8. Thanks T! Did you watch it? We were going NUTS when Moore scored the second goal and praying in the last two minutes they wouldn't break our hearts. Great Fun! The enjoyment may be short-lived as now we get the Pens.
  9. Congratulations on the big win-enjoy it
  10. lol!!!!
    no kidding it should def be the actual cup we know...
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