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Conversation Between trex74 and BBR100

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  1. thanks t.
    seriously made me lol.
  2. lol...
    seriously though that's great you're doing an intensive work shop, I think that self-discovery workshops like that are invaluable...I hope you get a lot out of it
    and then get to the really important stuff like betting mass amounts of k on your home team. heh heh
  3. i'd doing an intensive 12 step this weekend. timing is good with habs getting a few days off.
    i do have my priorities, y'know.
  4. i guess we'll have to wait and see if it's boston...
    I believe!
  5. on each event when you click on a team to see who bet and how much at top there are "your bets" and "bet statistics" it's in stats.

    this TEAM is incredible. hope we get the Bruins next and who knows how far this can go. BELIEVE!!!
  6. That was really fun...really? largest bet? that's very cool...

    Where's the top ten karma millionaire list? I never found that...
  7. you realize you just won the largest single bet ever on here and you're also top 3 karma millionaires. for what that's worth

    #1 in good karma irl!

    wow that was FUN!
  8. I dunno if you'll get this in time...in case you want to bet more LOL
    Go Habs!

  9. lol @ taking ativan for game 7....lmao!!
    easy now, you're gonna make it!!! only 4 more hours.
    breathe in, breathe out, repeat.
  10. i am pretty wound up. seriously thinking about the ativan.
    it's just a game for chrissakes, right? no, it's not. not here.
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