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Conversation Between trex74 and BBR100

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  1. lol.
    may not be the best weekend for it but did u ever get that bike?
    i've been on some great trails in Kanata.
  2. lol yeah they can...
    I had to spread around k then i ran out-grrrrr.
    will hit you later when recharged
    have a great wkend too
  3. thanks t! i'm sticking with chicago. all in.
  4. heyyyyyyyyyy
    have fun in the big smoke!!!!
  5. I thought you'd like that
  6. MAX BET!!?? what big balls you have!
    I know it's not real but...still.

    I admire your faith. I gotta believe more.
  7. ahhhhhhhhhhh that makes sense...lol!!!
    yeah it was a video clip of FUBAR
    i'm max betting
  8. i have no idea there's a video when i'm at work. youtube is blocked so the screen is blank.
    Go Habs!!!
  9. I'm out of k...i'll hit you later.
    You have a great weekend too!!!
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