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Conversation Between trex74 and BBR100

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  1. love the attitude T
  2. I was just really busy yesterday and couldn't find any "me-time" to post- don't worry though I'm unstoppable.
  3. That's some good news! Keep enjoying every day. Have a great Thanksgiving weekend!
  4. his arteries are clear, which is good because it's not his arteries, but bad because they still can't find a cause, and it is definitely an enlarged heart which is the problem. He's having good and bad days. yesterday was pretty bad, but he's seeing the cardiologist on the 15th. I think the medication is hard on him too.
    We've decided to face it with strength and hope though, we are not going to focus on worrying and being scared. So, each day is a new beginning.
    Thanks for asking, I appreciate it.
    Tomorrrow is Friday!!!!!
  5. How are you guys doing? Any good news from the angiogram?
  6. that's ok T, i've got plenty of k.
    It seems to be tennis elbow. really sore difficult to extend or rotate my forearm. Just lotsa ice and some rest but no time for that. Hockey has started and we're practicing 2-3x week until we make final cuts next week.
  7. i'm outta k right now i'll hit you next time.
    hope your elbow feels better. I had a wrist/forearm issue for a while, I just rested it for a wk and took some advil. you might want to get that checked out if it's really tennis elbow. Have you been wearing a soft brace or anything?
  8. That's great news!
    Enjoy the ribs, nfl and eachother.
  9. He's going for an angiogram on the 23rd. It's day by day really, some days are better than others. I hope there isn't too much damage already. But yeah, he was feeling good yesterday and was excited about NFL
  10. I left a note in the new beginnings group- not going to be around as much, but I'll check back when I am able
    all the best bro!
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