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Conversation Between trex74 and BBR100

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  1. the place has changed a lot. training and supp advice always seems to come with someone selling something. probably why i spend most of my time in bookie forum and away from drama. no mean spririted crap there.
    I'm real proud of the kids. We won without our captain, the best player in the league and a really good defenseman. They really worked hard to pick up the slack. Nice.
  2. yah i guess that was drama-weird
    i kind of got the gist of it, but not really all that interested
  3. You have a good night too...enjoy the game!
  4. I'm with you T. I've got to be aware of the cunning, baffling and powerful. Have a good night!
  5. i love that two wolves story, tanks for telling it...it's so true and it's good for me to be reminded to keeping working hard at feeding the good wolf
  6. 5 straight losses and now 3 of us are tied for 5th. They're due to turn it around and they always play well in Montreal too. Meeting tonight so i'll only cathc the end. It should be a good one.
  7. I know, big game! I'm nervous already, gonna stand behind my sens though
  8. thanks and you too Trex!
    the Sens better pick up their game or we may even catch them.
  9. have a great weekend BBR100
  10. they'll probably play a trick on you if you try to take their pot o' gold!!
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