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Conversation Between nangiggles and musclemom

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  1. Hey stranger. This place is dead. I only stopped by because a secret Facebook group was created with a bunch of EF old timers. It made me nostalgic.
  2. Belated Holiday Greetings and Happy New Year, Nan! Haven't had a whole lot to say *shrug* The "atmosphere" of the board has changed enormously and my life is sort of in limbo until my hubby retires. How's life treating you these days? Ah, nevermind, just read the convo between you and DJ_UFO back in June. You sound like you're doing good, girl, good for you!
  3. Hey! I'm good, crazy couple of last weeks, never been so sick, had like 8 dif meds for crying out loud! my CA125 test results came back in normal range (YaaaaaaY)so now my Dr. is just waiting 3 months having me on birth control to see if everything clears out. To add insult to injury I got a horrible ear infection! lol, but it's clearing up ^_^
  4. You've been on my mind, how are you?
  5. The new/airheads are the irrelevants, not you!
  6. Thank you for thinking of me, sweets. I peep in on occasion but don't have a lot to say these days ... that and there's so many new (young) people. I'm starting to feel old and irrelevant
  7. Burt's Bees is another good natural line of products. I'm seriously reactive to all sorts of odd crap and I've never had any problems from their stuff either.
  8. I'm gonna check that out because I still cant find anything suitable;P
  9. Regarding soap: Go to the health food store or any store that carries decent quality/natural health care stuff. Try the bar soap by a company called "Kiss My Face." They have olive oil, olive and aloe, olive and tea tree, a few other varieties. All natural, no artificial anything, literally made from olive oil. It's not as foamy as regular soap and lasts much longer, no "perfumey" stink, very, very mild, doesn't leave your skin too dry.
  10. Haven't read ya in a while, hope all is well *positive vibrations your way*
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