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Conversation Between nangiggles and DJ_UFO

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  1. Thats great sweetie! Well, I got divorced back in 2008 lol. Ive been through everything. For the past couple of years couldn't dedicate too much time to the gym and my body, but Im back at it since a couple of months ago. Gotta get ready for the summer. Ill PM you later...
  2. Some stick around and have popped up for a post or two and leave, C&C in particular has turned awful, I think I'm here more out of habit than anything else. Living life too, Finally got a divorce last year, enrolled for my Master's degree thi semester, going to the gym 4x week, overall getting my shit back together LOL. What are you up to?
  3. Ive been great!! living life I see a lot of the old days members are still here. From the days we had the bomb squad LOL. Cant believe that was over 10 years ago... Whats new?
  4. Whoa! Hey stranger! All is good in my neck of the woods, how have you been!?
  5. How you doing babe
  6. Well hello, long time no see...
  7. You've been MIA too long
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