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Sarms for Saleunclez.rueudomestic

Conversation Between ceo and shirlene29

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  1. I dont even know...I'm mainly in AG and my sponsor forum. I dont venture out too often.
    at one point I was thinking jack was jay steel but I see the writing styles are different and other clues don't add up
    columbo is over there but not active, noodles is over there and active, uhm, nev is over there, under.."nev" lol. woody has an account there but isn't active...buncha mo-s from aas are over there under their own names.
    Ag keeps me pretty entertained.
  2. lolol, guess not. its gonna get me into real trouble tho. Ive never reacted this hard/fast.
  3. I fail to see the problem!
  4. its kinda funny you say that because aside from ay there was a small war over me to have a female rep...
    I am loving the fuck out the npp at the moment.....as an aside. I am sooo fricken horny tho. no good.
  5. Tell Lou he needs the female representation.
  6. yeah I may....Im gonna harass some mods to harass him about it.
  7. Try to rep for them!
  8. holy crap, you inspired me to try the pp isolate sample I had...the dulce de lech (however its spelled) vanilla and its fucking amazing but I cant figure out if it tastes amazing or just smells amazing making me think it tastes amazing...shits incredibly thin tho. Maybe Im just used to my scoop and a half of iso-100
  9. yeah no one loves me here tho..lol, and its a dirty word in most other places. I'd make a pretty poor rep
  10. generally sucralose. The isolate has stevia.
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