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Conversation Between ceo and nangiggles

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  1. Is that better in my avi?
  2. My turkey was so awesome that eventhough there were only 4 people there is now just a leg left of the 18 pound turkey, gobble gobble! Stuffing was gone same day
  3. Oh cool that's great! what grade of apnea did you have? mine is severe so only cpap will do it for me I have 46 apneas per hour with the longest one taking 38 seconds and my O2 dropped to 84% at one point
    What did you do with your cpap equipment? wanna sell me a mask? lolol
  4. Yeah, it does help. Unfortunately, I couldn't tolerate the mask (tried a few different ones) so I tried a custom dental appliance that moves the lower jaw forward slightly to prevent the soft palate from collapsing (opening up the airway for better breathing). I had to have it adjusted a couple times before I got the right fit that didn't make my jaw ache and still allowed me to breathe freely. The upside is I don't have to wear a mask and it's much easier to travel with, sleep with, etc.
  5. I just joined the CPAP world, holly hell does that make a difference!
  6. I have been taking more sun since I got a hammock, lol, I also get good sun on the weekends.
  7. thanks bro
  8. got any CEO pics laying around?
  9. after messing around with a couple different nose masks, I had to go with the full face mask. LEt me know if you have other issues with it. There are companies that make their own specialty masks and accessories to go with the various masks. There's all kinds of solutions available. Sometimes it takes a long time to find the right fit.
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