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Conversation Between Mr. dB and puddlemonkey

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  1. That was a pretty cool tune, little more upbeat than I'm used to. I'm all about the death, doom and despair.
  2. fml, one of my favorite bands did a King Crimson cover and all this time I had no idea it wasn't their song :/

    YouTube - In The Woods - Epitaph

    One of my uploads

    YouTube - In The Woods - Closing In
  3. This is the album!

    Do I hear Led Zeppelin?

    YouTube - Gentle Giant - Nothing At All
  4. That Larks was cool. K Crimson has a shitload of albums, this could take me awhile. That Richard Thompson didn't stick, but the Pibrock did. I remember Gentle Giant from high school, my buddy had an LP of theirs that had a giant head on the cover. I don't remember what it sounded like though.

    YouTube - Richard Thompson - Pibrock
  5. A string quartet doing a cover of King Crimson's "Larks Tongues..."

    YouTube - Larks' Tongues in Aspic Part I

    It's a very accurate cover, they nailed it.
  6. King Crimson albums you'll like -- "Larks Tongues In Aspic", "Starless and Bible Black", and "Red" for sure. If you get those and like them, then "Islands" would be the next step, then "In The Court of the Crimson King", their debut. I don't see you liking "Lizard" at all, and "In The Wake of Poseidon" is fairly iffy. And the re-formed Crimson stuff from the '80s, too much like math-rock. I'm gonna guess that the one you bought and didn't like was one of the ones like "Discipline", "Three of a Perfect Pair", "Thrak" or "Thrak Attack".

    Now, if you're really brave, check out some Gentle Giant...
  7. I love teh prog, metal and rock! Have for a long time, it's not very kvlt of me as it doesn't mesh well with other metal genres so I'm often quiet about it. Can't have it affecting my br00tal image.

    One of my fav prog metal bands:

    YouTube - Psychotic Waltz - And The Devil Cried - A Social Grace - 1990

    YouTube - Psychotic Waltz - My Grave

    That was a sweet Crimson song. I bought one of their cds like 20 years ago and it blew so I never bothered with any others. Maybe I should take a look at some of their discography.
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