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Conversation Between Mr. dB and RottenWillow

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  1. Jesus, it took 12 hours to download a stupid 3.4G torrent, then I found it was a file format my system won't support, so I had to find a viewer that can play a .ts file, but I finally got TG 15x1 running. And now I've paused it so I can go get some food. The Bentley report was mildly amusing.
  2. Haven't seen new TG yet. The torrents at www.finalgear.com are fucked up tonight, have to wait 'til tomorrow to see if they correct it.
  3. So didja get to watch the show?
  4. Thanks for the TG heads-up. I hear this may be either the last series or one of the last?

    FilmOn went to a pay system, so I can't watch TG or F1 on BBC live anymore (without paying...), but TG episodes usually appear for download within a day or two on http://www.finalgear.com/ .
  5. New TG series begins this Sunday, Dave
  6. Dave, check out the second vid from the top. A BSA Lightening. WOOOW!!
    Jay Leno's Garage > Motorcycles Archives
  7. Sorry, I know nothing about insurance. I hope they're not setting you up for a reaming.
  8. $8838 out the door for the T100. With the downpayment b-day present from the family, it'd run me only $113 monthly for 48 months. Progressive won't allow me to add a motorcycle to our exiting policy though, and want me to go see my agent for a new policy quote. If they plan to ream me on this, I'm not buying the bike. Any idea how much full coverage on a bike is gonna be for a married 27yo female with no points?
  9. They didn't have a T100 in stock. I prefer the looks of both the Bonnes over the America, but as a first time rider the cruiser type forks seemed easier to handle. IDK...maybe I just need another go with the Bonne SE. I do like the looks better. It'd really suck to regret the purchase two months after getting the America.
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