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Conversation Between RADAR and BIGsydSWED

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  1. unless you're hyper sensitive.... i had absolutely no problems,so there should be no problems with you running as directive.

    Every exercise i started with enough weight that i could start doing 25-30 reps, then i added 20 lbs, as the weight got heavier i started adding 10lbs and repeated i kept adding until i was able to do only 1-2 reps, then i started going down in the same manner that i did going up.
  2. Sweet. Thanks so I don't have to buy nolvadex? Just 2 unleashed bottles and use them till they run out?
  3. Hello, I started taking 5 mg on mon,wed,fri, this was for 3 weeks then i increased to 10mg mon,wed,fri i kept this up for 5 wks then dropped back to 5 mg mon wed,fri, bear in mind i trained to absolute failure using slow movements, this was all done in 5 months,gains was just about 25lbs and i wound up keeping 21 lbs out of it.since the low dosage all i used was 2 bottles of unleashed.
  4. Hey RADAR. I saw your post on this dbol only cycle thread. I was just wondering what dbol only cycles you used as mentioned in your posts and what a good PCT plan would be. Thanks man, much appreciated.
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