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Conversation Between Mr. dB and SouthernLord

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  1. Your five guys/classic rock thread reminded me to listen to these guys today.

    YouTube - Mount Carmel - Livin Like I Wanna

    Not bad for three twenty something guys fro Columbus Ohio. Their EP even has a Ten Years After cover.
  2. Whoah, thanks dude!
  3. Have you ever seen Justin Townes Earle?

    He played here saturday night in this little bbq restaurant at the beach. Dude absolutely blew me away. One of the best performances I've seen. Just him, a fiddle, and a stand up bass. He played this little parlor guitar all night and travis picked everything. He's a very under rated musician for sure.

    Check this video out. It takes a minute for him to get to the song.

    YouTube - Justin Townes Earle - They Killed John Henry
  4. I think these guys are playing your place of employment on 12/16. Theyre bad ass!

    YouTube - The Sword - How Heavy This Axe - Video
  5. Gee thanks for the K dude! Gee, gosh, darn, shoot.
  6. happy birthday!!!!
  7. http://www.elitefitness.com/forum/el...ml#post9441395

    Can't help but notice that Iggs hasn't posted since the 13th.
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