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Conversation Between Mr. dB and iggy

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  1. I know dB. He was a great director. I saw "The Pawnbroker" only a few weeks ago.
    I still have to watch "Dog Day Afternoon"
  2. i've actually got it tivo'd. i'll definitely watch it soon. I like said before, I loved "the hospital". Paddy is one helluva writer. too bad there aren't many like him anymore.
  3. Have you seen the 1962 "Requiem For A Heavyweight"? The film based on a Rod Serling teleplay is a classic. Gleason sitting in a diner saying "It's raining and I'm in Pittsburgh, it's raining and I'm in Pittsburgh"...
  4. Thanks dude, but you really didn't need to do anything. 90K to make up for a ~300 point accident is a bit over the top. I wasn't whining, I thought it was funny.
  5. there's some k bro. I don't know why it didnt send you green since i had that clicked. maybe it's because i did it on my phone, and droids are retarded.
  6. bro, they STILL haven't gave me a rental car.
    fed me some bullshit about the claims adjuster being on vacation till mid-january......
    being young does not work to your advantage.... even if you've never even had a speeding ticket
  7. Now you know why that's my favorite movie.
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