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Conversation Between Island_Girl and amyfetzer

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  1. hey lady xoxoxo kick some booty this weekend I believe in you
  2. Thats great thta he is so good at it!!! I take mine for now on auto set lol My Serenity ones are done by a pro but its for a store the rest just me or somedays my husband but its hard to get him into it lol. Yea I am starting my diet full go on Monday and training too! When is your next show hun? and what are you doing noe Figure or Bodybuilding?? Either way you look great!!! We got the gym all done next time you have to judge in NB stop in BFE sterling and see us! Can I have an Autographed 8x10 of you for our gym wall for motivation and inspiration missy it would be an honor to put you up there xoxo
  3. Oh that sucks! This guy is being nice and people take advantage. I hate that. Well, good luck with that. If it weren't so far, we'd come check it out and train one day. I'm dieting, training and doing cardio like a mad woman. lol My hubby does most of all my photos. I've shot with a few photographers, but my hubby gets great shots because I am so comfortable with him. Who does yours?
  4. good just wiped! Cathy, Frank and I are cleaning up a gym here and making it better to train at and make it more of a real gym, this guy had it as a free anyone could come thing.
    The only problem with that was people hurt equipment, and two young guys thought they were MMA super stars the other night about 11pm and kicked the crap out of each other which they were arrested, so Paul Garcia ( he was wrestling coach at Greeley Central for a long time) decided to just give us the keys and start charging ppl. So we are fixing it up but its going slowly lol. What are you up to? And who does your photos they are really good girl xoxo
  5. Thank you Amy! Love your avatar too! Hope you are doing well.
  6. Hey girl whats up? I showed Frank n Cathy your new pics they loved em! they both think your looking GREAT too!
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