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Conversation Between foreigngirl and musclemom

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  1. Missed you girl! Studying a bit on shamanism these days (Michael Harner, Sandra Ingerman). Fun stuff getting in touch with the Earth spirits.

  2. heya girl....was just passing through so I thought to stop by your profile and say hi :-)
  3. Well, I am working on them by being conscious of the fears, by accepting and letting go...I dont want my emotions to turn into disease....yeah, I'm looking at them from a healers point of view :-)

    lol...they can get their point across, huh? lol It was weird to me last summer....I saw hawks 3 times - 1st I saw one in the sky, then I saw two and then I saw three of them and never again did I come across one after that. I researched and wrote it down, but I have forgotten now :-(

    I found the link to the cards, girl:
    Drak's Tarot Library - Universal Goddess Tarot

    You will like them :-)
  4. yeah, I think I still have it - have to check, but I'm pretty sure its there...when I told my Reiki teacher about the kyanite grid and getting dizzy, she was in disbelief - because that stone shouldnt have had that effect on me, unless I have blocks...and oh, boy, do I :-)

    The pic is Bast, from the Universal Goddess Tarot. I love that deck, even though I cant really read it - it takes some good knowledge of the pantheons + the knowledge of how Tarot story goes. The deck is gorgeous though!

    There was something about Bast the first time I walked in the store, I was very drawn to her statue and I have honestly never been too fond of the egyptian pantheon....but I had to get it. She helped me in my first steps but I dont know if she is still with me
  5. BTW, where did you get the picture in your AV (and what is it exactly, I know, it's a cat but is it a tarot card?)
  6. Our coven did all the sephiroth last year (one per month) now we're working the paths from Malkuth up. Our HP has us working them in groupings, according triangle groupings and gematria.

    I have two chakra clearing exercises if you're interested, one is more powerful (and time consuming) than the other. Do you still have my private email? If so, send me an email to it (I'm blanking on yours), I'll send you attachments. If not, send me yours via private mail here.

    In the past two months I've spent WAAAAAAYYYY too much money on books/rocks/meditative CDs and furniture ... I've been bad ... well, hubby's final child support payment will be the last monday of this month, I went a little overboard

    I know what you mean about giving up and letting go. Sometimes the biggest lesson we need to learn on this plane is trusting the process. I'm having residual health problems from the meningitis I had the begining of last month. My HP is telling me there's something energetic going on and considering the quality of the pain changed after a very potent ritual earlier this month I'm inclined to believe her. That doesn't make it easier to deal with though Frustrating doesn't even come close to describing the feeling.
  7. teee heeeeee....you created only a half monster....lol

    OMG, how much money you spent on books and ceystals? LOL....control, girl, control...lol....its hard, I know :-( At the last holistic festival I went to, I had to buy the crystals that I couldnt find in the local metaphysical stores, but I gave myself a 60$ spending limit - if I didnt....*grin*

    How far did you get with the Tree of Life by now? You guys go one sefirot at a time, right?

    I still have to work on getting my chakras balanced and clear....I managed to cut an unhealthy cord, but I have a hard time cleaning up my 1st and mostly 2nd chakra....but, I have also stopped meditating for almost a year now :-( Yeah, its bad....as soon as I got a hold of pathworking, financial crisis hit us and I lost interest in everything - I just had to concentrate on my mundane life a bit.....until I realized that as long as I am stressing over, it aint gonna ever go good :-) So, I let the Universe take over and its been OK
  8. RE: Kyanite grid - husband and I went to a metaphysical fair a few weeks ago ($60+ rocks, $150+ on books BUT most were half priced new!!! I restrained myself from buying the $1,000 crystal singing bowls) anyway, there was one healer there that had some sort of double crystal grid on a massage table, one grid on the floor under the table, one on top of the table where the patient lay. Literally made the hair stand up on my arm, I sort of staggered away from the thing. I've gotten the hang of ground/center anywhere, inside or out, helps a lot, particularly as you become more sensitive to energy.

    The coven is studying the qabalistic paths in preparation for a major ritual this October called walking the tree. Personally, in addition to the regular stuff, I've been drawn to the soundings of Tom Kenyon (that stuff will literally blow your mind) and reading about Mary Magdalene and Tantra (sometimes sort of the same time).

    Oh your poor mother *sigh* I feel like I've created a monster!
  9. Girl, I have been thinking of what you have been doing this whole time :-) Talking about spending money on books and gems...lol....I went on a rampage of spending last summer, but I simmered down. I still have loads of books that are waiting for me read. I got attuned to Reiki II and am very happy with the experiences - they were mystical and amazing! Since that time I have been more and more sensitive to energies and to the vibrations of crystals and gems. A huge grid of kyanite actually made me dizzy and I had to walk out of the store and ground....right next to a busy street - I can just guess what the people thought when they saw me kneeling down with my hands on the grass :-)
    I told my Jehova Witness mother-in-law that I am a pagan...lol...can you imagine the reaction, girl? I have tried so much to be accepting and not say anything about her beliefs, but when she told me that Pagans are from the Devil (oh, yoga too lmao!) I had to tell her and ask her if I am an evil and mean person....lol
  10. I miss you girl! Personally, life is very good, spiritually we're keeping busy and learning some very, very interesting stuff. I'm spending too much money on books, music and rocks but as long as hubby says "we have credit, knock your socks off," I ain't gonna worry about it

    What kind of mischief have you been up to lately?
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