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Conversation Between foreigngirl and RottenWillow

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  1. why did I think you are in the West Coast this whole time? lol I bet every time you ride, you cause accidents to happen....lol...you know, in the nice way - not in the you-dont-know-how-to-ride-way
  2. Thanks! Oh Georgia has a helmet law for sure. The lid was a big decision for me b/c I couldn't decide if I wanted a retro style to fit the bike or a contemporary looking one. Ended up somewhere in the middle.
  3. omg, its so nice, clean and shiny!!!! Awesome choice girl! Lucky you, you dont have a helmet law there :-)
  4. check her out! Pics in the first two posts and on page 3 of the thread.
  5. heya girl!!! Lemme see that bike of yours! We had to sell ours few years ago....but no worries, we gonna get another one again :-)
  6. Oh I gots me a motorcycle now, chica. If you keep posting I'll bump the thread with pics.
  7. Holy shite! Que pasa, hermana?
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